Transitions provides individual and family counseling services to children and adults in Quincy, Illinois.

Services assist individuals who are struggling with problems that could affect any of us – anxiety, depression, grief and loss, interpersonal problems, or job stress.

We know that those we serve are concerned about treatment effectiveness. Thus, we practice “client directed, outcome informed” therapy. During the counseling encounter the counselor and client evaluate how therapy is progressing; this helps insure that we are accountable to those we serve and providing the services they sought.

Transitions believes in a strength-based approach to counseling. This means we help people explore and use internal strengths (abilities, coping skills and resiliency) and external resources (family, friends, school, employers, religious and social affiliations, and community resources) when helping people find solutions to their problems. Hope and a belief in people’s ability to change are key ingredients in the counseling process.

We believe in involving those we serve in decisions about the types of services that might best meet their needs and goals, as well as the tasks they undertake to achieve their goals. If needed, those who receive counseling services can be linked to other programs and services at Transitions.

“I can honestly say that I have never felt better about myself and my life and I have Transitions to thank for that.”

~ A consumer of Transitions services