Our vocational training program, Community Rehabilitation Center (CRC), helps adults (ages 16 and older) who have a barrier to employment learn work skills that can lead to employment.

CRC in Quincy provides vocational training services to adults who are economically disadvantaged, to adults who have a physical or mental disability, to adults who are recovering from substance abuse problems, or to adults who have little or no successful vocational experience.

For more than 40 years we have helped people who are disadvantaged learn skills that will lead to employment. Annually, with the help of area employers, we successfully place an average of 40 trainees into jobs in our community.

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“My daughter enjoys going to CRC… and is happier than she has ever been.”

~ Parent of a CRC trainee

Chris* is a 41 year old male with a developmental disability who graduated from Special Education services. Prior to coming to CRC, Transitions’ vocational training program, Chris had one brief attempt at community employment. When he came to CRC Chris had little confidence in his work skills and abilities. Chris worked with his case manager and participated in work readiness training and individual and group skill development activities at CRC. Chris’s work skills improved, as did his confidence. When he was ready to attempt community employment our Placement Coordinator placed him into a job with a commercial cleaning company. When first placed into this job a job coach assisted him in making the transition to employment and learning the job. He soon gained confidence in his abilities to handle the job and job coaching services discontinued. Chris remains in his job and is proud of the fact that he earns a paycheck and has a “real job”.

This is an actual story of a consumer served at Transitions.. Names have been changed to protect the consumer’s identity.