24-Hour Crisis Line : (217) 222-1166

24-Hour Crisis Line :
(217) 222-1166

Call Us : 217-223-0413

24-Hour Crisis Line :
(217) 222-1166

Adult Mental Health

We believe people, who have a serious mental illness, can recover, and we believe that hope enables growth and change to occur.  Thus, our services are hope-filled, recovery oriented, and designed to help those with a mental illness reach their goals and dreams and live meaningfully in our community.


Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services include psychiatric evaluation, medication evaluation, and follow-up.  Three Board Certified Psychiatrists are available to meet the psychiatric needs of our consumers.

Recovery Services

We help those, who have a serious mental illness, manage their illness, engage in the community, and realize their hopes and dreams.  Services include case management (support and linkage to other helpful resources in our community), Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), and vocational placement and support services.

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Crisis Intervention Services

We provide telephone crisis intervention services 24-hours a day, 365 days a year through our 24-hour hotline at (217) 222-1166.

The hotline is answered by trained, caring staff who provide crisis assessment and intervention, as well as information and referral.


We accept private insurance, Illinois Medicaid, and Medicare.

For those without a third party source of payment, fees are established on the basis of income and family size. 

Questions about our mental health / recovery services can be directed to our Intake Specialist at (217) 223-0413.