Behavioral Health and Substance Use Services

We believe in client-centered, strength-based behavioral health services.  We also believe that the relationship between the counselor and client is critically important in the counseling process.  Thus, we work in a collaborative way with those we serve.

Behavioral Health / Counseling

We provide confidential and affordable counseling services to youth, adults, and families.  These services assist individuals who are struggling with problems that could affect any of us – anxiety, depression, grief and loss, interpersonal problems, or job stress.



Psychiatric services, provided by Board Certified Psychiatrists, are available to persons who may be experiencing symptoms of emotional distress that are interfering with their abilities to cope.

Alcohol/Substance Use Services

We provide services for co-occurring mental health/substance use disorders. These services assist people whose use of alcohol or other substances has impacted their relationships with friends and/or family, their employment, or has resulted in legal issues.


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Accessing our behavioral health and/or alcohol/substance use services is easy. Simply call us at (217) 223-0413 or walk into our 4409 Maine Street facility between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. No appointment is needed.

We accept private insurance, Illinois Medicaid, and Medicare.  For those without a third party source of payment, fees are established on the basis of income and family size.

Questions about our programs and services can be directed
to our Intake Specialist at (217) 223-0413.