24-Hour Crisis Line : (217) 222-1166

24-Hour Crisis Line :
(217) 222-1166

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24-Hour Crisis Line :
(217) 222-1166

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

We believe people of all abilities should live meaningful, fulfilled lives.  Transitions provides an array of services to assist people, who have an intellectual/developmental disability, and their families.  Our services for those, who have an intellectual/developmental disability, promote independence and self-sufficiency and enable those, who have an intellectual/developmental disability, to live meaningful lives in their community.


Transitions School

The Transitions School provides special education services to youth who have a severe to profound intellectual/developmental disability and who are between the ages of three and 21 years.  Many of our students also have physical disabilities and/or complex medical problems.  The School provides an educational curriculum that is interactive, engaging, and helps students reach their educational and developmental potential.

Tuition for Transitions School’s educational services is paid for by the school district.

Questions about the Transitions School can be directed to the School Administrator at (217) 223-0413.

Life Skills Training Services

We believe adults, who have an intellectual/developmental disability, should live meaningful and active lives.  Our New Horizons Day Program provides wonderful opportunities for adults who have an intellectual/developmental disability.  Through educational groups in the program outings in the community, adults, who have an intellectual/developmental disability, learn social skills, skills of independent living, and recreational/leisure skills.  Our trainees also learn work skills, which can lead to employment, by completing meaningful work for area businesses and by volunteering their time to many worthy causes in our community.

Our New Horizons Day Program also provides specialized services to consumers who have severe/profound intellectual/developmental disabilities.


Client and Family Support Services and Service Coordination

We provide supportive services to those with an intellectual/developmental disability and their families.  By providing intermittent supportive services, adults with an intellectual/developmental disability are able to live successfully in the community.  Referral to and coordination with healthcare providers, financial resources, and other social services ensure that those, who have an intellectual/developmental disability, have access to needed services.

Questions about intellectual/developmental disabilities (DD) services can be directed to the Director of Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Services at (217) 224-2194.