Gun Locks Can Help Prevent the Tragedy of Suicide

The Adams County Suicide Prevention Coalition (ACSPC) is partnering with the Quincy Police Department in urging gun owners to keep firearms secured (locked with a gun lock or stored in a gun safe) when not in use.  More than 50% of all deaths by suicide involve the use of firearms.  If firearms are secured, we may be able to prevent deaths by suicide or accidental means.

The Quincy Police Department (QPD) has gun locks available to the public at no cost.   Anyone who would like a gun lock can walk in to the QPD at 530 Broadway and request a gun lock.  They will be happy to provide the locks.

All of us can prevent the tragedy of suicide by watching for the signs that someone may be thinking of suicide, reaching out to those who appear to be struggling with life problems, asking if a person has had thoughts of ending his/her life, and urging a person to get help if they are struggling.  Using a gun lock and eliminating a firearm as a means a person may use to end his or her life is one more way we can prevent deaths by suicide.